You deserve to know how to actually use the Enneagram in your growth journey. If you want to build a foundation for Enneagram understanding, useful application, and empathy for other types – this is the class for you.


I’m Kim – your teacher & coach

I’m a mother of two girls, a type 1w2 on the Enneagram, and a big believer in your potential! I love hanging out on Instagram, I spend too much time on TikTok, and I love a good cup of black coffee. Some places you might have seen me around in the Enneagram world:

  • On Instagram
  • In my book, The Enneagram for Beginners
  • On the Christian Enneagram Podcast

But one of my favorite things to do is coach people – just like you – through your unique challenges and struggles when it comes to applying the Enneagram and seeing the growth that’s available to you.

In November of 2019, I the Christian Enneagram Club, where for 2 years I taught about the Enneagram monthly. In 2020, I wrote a book called the Enneagram for Beginners: A Christian Guide to Understanding Your Type for a God-Centered Life, whcih has sold over 2,000 copies.

Now I’m bringing that same knowledge and training to you in a straight-forward, complete beginner’s course – without any ongoing monthly fees or extra time requirements.

The Enneagram can help you move forward in your self-awareness, relationships, and life.

That’s what we’re all about in Christian Enneagram University. It is possible to overcome the patterns that are holding you back. It’s possible to uncover the motivations that drive your behaviors. It’s possible to improve how you communicate and empathize with others. It’s possible to discover how uniquely beautiful you are, and how to emulate what God says about you.

“What I love about the Enneagram is how it helps you see life from other perspectives, and shows you that your own perspective is just as valid.”

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