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The Enneagram and Apologies, Part Two

We are going to be hopping back into the conversation that we started last week about apologies! If you haven't read part one, that was where I talked about some of the reasons why talking about apologies in a more robust and deep way is something that can benefit all...

The Enneagram and Apologies, Part One

We are going to be starting a short series about apologies today, and will touch on a few ideas around that: For this post, we will talk about why deepening our understanding and practice around apologies is really important In the next post, I will walk us through...

EnneaQ’s: Advice for Type 4/2 Relationships

Our summer EnneaQ is such a fun conversation. We get into how a type 4 can love the type 2 in their life, and shoot some rapid-fire questions back and forth.

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Should Christians Use the Enneagram? Conversation with Pastor Tyler Zach, Part 2

You won’t want to miss out on this two-parter episode with Tyler Zach. In this second part Tyler shares some of the research he has done into the question “Should Christians use the Enneagram?” as well as his series of Enneagram devotionals.

Is The Enneagram Useful for Christians? Tyler Zach, Pastor, Author & Type 3 (Pt. 1)

You won’t want to miss out on this two-parter episode with Tyler Zach. In this first part we chat extensively about how Tyler uses the Enneagram in his church community, and the way he’s been able to connect and minister on a deeper level because of his own growth journey.

Why Everyone (Everyone!) Needs Boundaries

Today I am joined by our resident Enneagram two on the team, the amazing Mary! Here at Christian Enneagram Coaching we want to make sure that our teaching has more of a conversational feel, so each new post will be shared with a friend of the show! I really think that...

Interview with Wren Robbins

I got to sit down with Wren Robbins, who is a longtime podcaster turned podcast coach, and she shared some deep insights into what it's like to be an Enneagram type six. This was such a beautiful conversation. I'm so excited for you to hear about it. So let's just go...

EnneaQ’s: Can Our Type Change, Sister Relationships, and How to Keep Growing After Enneagram Basics

Our first EnneaQ Episode is here!

Melinda – our resident Enneagram 3 – joins me this week to help answer your questions.

Jen P. Higgins: Mistyping Journey, The Enneagram Mountain, & The Way the Bible Speaks to Us

Mistyping is so common when you’re trying to find your Enneagram type, even to us teachers and coaches! Listen in on my conversation with Jen P. Higgins, a Business Strategist, and Enneagram author, as she shares her journey to finding her type, her beautiful “Enneagram Mountain” metaphor, and how the Enneagram influenced her spiritual journey.

Interview with Ashton Whitmoyer-Ober (Enneagram 2)

Listen in on my interview with Ashton Whitmoyer-Ober of @enneagramashton. This was such a fun conversation and definitely worth the listen.

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